Maktec: Is Makita’s Cheaper Brand good?

Maktec - Makita's second brand

Are you familiar with Maktec or Makita MT?

Same as Bosch with their green line, Makita also has a second, more affordable brand to expand sales to both professional and amateurs that would otherwise not buy one of their power tools.

Maktec tools, also branded as Makita MT, are not made to perform very specific tasks, but they do their job for a very good price!

Herramientas Maktec

So, What’s the Difference between Makita and Maktec? Why is One Cheaper than the Other?


The quality of both brands is quite similar, but Maktecs are intended for less requiring jobs. Mostly corded, with no added technological extras nor accessories… these are high quality (although basic) power tools with great potential – nothing to do with, for example, a power drill that you could buy in Aldi.

Maktec is also, despite its different name, backed by Makita’s tech support for repairs and replacements during the tool’s lifetime.

Makita vs Maktec


  • Low cost
  • Good quality – similar to Makita
  • Makita’s official technical assistance and warranty
  • For professionals and DIYers
  • Compatible with Makita accessories


  • Not many options
  • General use only
  • Few extras or accessories
  • Almost only corded

How to Identify a Maktec Power Tool

If you have ever had the chance to hold a Maktec power tool in your hands, you already know how sturdy they are.

Makita MT is hardly mistaken with any other brand – they are finished in bright red or grey with black rubber grip.

Should I buy a maktec power tool?

If you’re into DIY and you want to get yourself some basic tools to work from home, these are a great option.

If you’re a professional, these are only recommended for not-so-frequent jobs.

Have you already tried them? What do you think about them?

1 thought on “Maktec: Is Makita’s Cheaper Brand good?”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m a maintenance engineer and carpenter. I started using the MT range of tools 3 years ago starting with the plunge router in my personal workshop. I had been using the expensive 110 version in my professional work and I was stunned by the quality of the MT for the price. Aside from different plastics I could find no real difference. Since then I’ve got the random orbit finishing sander has a little less power than the prof version and older paper clamps but again for the price it’s ace. The 4 1/2 inch angle grinder has cut steel and stone with no problems though I’ve not used the better one. The recip saw is a beast goes through wet and dry logs like butter and a few 5-6 inch diameter trees my only comparison is the dewalt 110v and to be honest I prefer the MT. The jigsaw has an old Allen key blade mount but the variable speed trigger and overall power is great. Thick power cables and robust design. My absolute go to tools when money is a concern but need good performance.


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